6 Steps for Creating A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

by Cynthia K Seymour on January 3, 2014

Setting Goals Success

New Year Resolutions

We all start the year with the best of intentions. It’s a fresh, new beginning that opens us to dreaming about the possibilities. Have you set your goals or made a New Year’s Resolution? Is it just an idea or have you put it down on paper? The difference between dreams and realization of our goals is simply the actions that take us beyond the inspiration and toward breaking new personal records.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Do Not Work

Starting every January 1st, most people are optimistic and have good intentions for how they envision the upcoming year. The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is most people don’t make it through the month of January before they have settled back into the comfort zone of their old patterns. Patterns are very difficult to break and require a game plan with daily effort.

How to Set a New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

If you really want to change the outcome of your year, you will need to devise a Strategy for achieving a goal. According to a recent article in Forbes “Ten Things You Should Know about Goals” by David DiSalvo,

[a] study showed that people who merely thought about their goals and how to reach them succeeded less than 50% of the time, while people who wrote goals down, and enlisted friends to help them by sending regular progress reports succeeded closer to 75% of the time.

Step 1: Make a List & Write it Down!

So… Get out a pen and paper, or if you are techy, you can make a List on Google Drive. (Google Drive is a free application that has a series of document formats including List making function. And, if you need help learning how to use Google apps, touch base with me.)

Step 2: Create Categories for Personal Achievement

Develop a categorized, general list of the areas that you might like to improve this year: Financial, Physical Fitness, Weight, Spiritual, Relationships, Professional/Personal Growth, etc.

Step 3: Get Specific about your Goals

Under each category, make a list of the exactly what you might like to achieve and make those goals specific. For example, do not say “I’d like to make more money”, but be specific down to the dollar amount of how much money you would like to increase in terms of your income or savings.

Step 4: Develop a Plan

While the chances of you achieving your goals throughout the year are possible, a goal without a plan is just a pipe-dream. For example, if I asked you to drive from Miami to San Francisco, would you go without some form of map? Maybe… but it might take you a really long time to get there without some kind of plan on how you might get there. For each category or goal, write down your plan for how you are going to achieve the goal. Define a reasonable amount of time that you estimate it might take you to reach your goal and set a deadline.

Step 5: Daily Tactics

Even if I gave you a map to San Francisco, but you don’t drive the miles daily to get there or (worse yet) you don’t even bother to get into the car, are you likely to get to your destination? Highly unlikely. This is why Daily Tactics or Actions are necessary to get you where you want to go. Next to each Goal Plan, define a daily action that must be done in order to achieve the goal. You may need to reverse-engineer from your deadline, the exact tasks that you will need to fulfill in order to reach your outcome. For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds, you might want to give yourself a six month time frame and then determine how much you would need to lose weekly. Then determine how much exercise you would need to do daily to burn the calories.

Step 6: Be Accountable

One of the best ways to make your resolution a reality is to partner with someone who can hold you accountable to your plan. Tell a friend, or team up with someone who you know will hold your feet to the fire. Give your accountability partner or team the permission to call you out on your “resistance” to doing your daily actions. Then plan a celebration or some kind of fun incentive to mark when the goal is achieved. At the end of every race, there is the party just beyond the finish line.

Here’s to a Record-Breaking 2014!

So as I mentioned in the previous post, Dubai set world records for the biggest fireworks display. This was not just a half-baked dream. It took hundreds of people and almost a year of planning to create an event that delighted the world. Maybe your New Year’s Resolutions are not quite so elaborate, but why not make it a record-breaking year for yourself? Resolve to make 2014 your best year ever, set forth a strategy & then do what it takes to make it happen!

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Fireworks Dubai 2014 World Record

Did you see the World Record Breaking Dubai Fireworks?

Last night, the world celebrated the turn of one year into a new one with fireworks and champagne. The city of Dubai, however, broke World Records for the most phenomenal fireworks display with over 400,000 fireworks and pyrotechnics from the world’s tallest building. My 16 year old son first shared the YouTube video and we marveled together at the footage. For the first time in my life, my interest was captivated by seeing the coverage of the video footage from a mobile phone as opposed to viewing Times Square from a TV screen. Honestly, the Ball Drop paled by comparison to this stunning extravaganza.

According to an article in the International Business Times,

Alistair Richards, global president of Guinness World Records, said the magnitude of the New Years project was “truly impressive and will ensure all eyes are on Dubai” — and on Dubai they were. More than a half-million people tuned in to watch the show online, while millions more saw it on the television news.

cell phones sharing dubai new year fireworks

Sharing with the World

As I watched the video, it was amazing to see the number of cameras that were stationed throughout the city showing a variety of viewpoints and perspectives as they shared this event with the world LIVE on YouTube. Not only did they show the fireworks, but the various places and a diversity of spectators. It was amazing to see the number of people in the crowds sharing their experience of the moment through their video cameras on their cell phones.

Taking a Moonshot

The most impressive thing is that it only took 60 seconds for Dubai to break the previous record held by Kuwait. They did not just break the record by a small increment, but by a long shot. One of the things that I most admire about the Google “culture” is the idea of taking a “moon shot”. Their corporate attitude is why take small steps forward when we could be shooting for the moon? Dubai’s fireworks display was so extraordinary that it left no room for comparison or competition. They set an audacious goal and then developed a plan and team that resulted in a record breaking moment.

A New Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Perhaps it’s time to take a page out of Dubai’s playbook? Are you setting small goals or making New Year’s Resolutions, but lack the resolve to do what it takes to make this your record-breaking year? Perhaps it’s time for a new kind of “resolution”? Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing more about the process of setting goals, developing a strategy and executing a daily plan.

In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks & get fired up for 2014!

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